Amazing time capsule – untouched Jaguar XJ220 1993 with 1250 Km, one of the 277 built.

The XJ220 was simply the fastest car of the 90s. Imagined by Chief Engineer Jim Randle, within the non-official Jaguar employees Saturday Club, this Supercar finally got the Board approval after 24H of Le Mans Jaguar’s win in 1988, and the 1stprototype was discovered at Birmingham Motor Show in December the same year. Nevertheless, the definitive version was shown 3 years later at Tokyo exhibition 1991 and the 277 units produced between 1992 and 1994. Even if the 220 mph target was not reached, the XJ220 achieved 213mph (343 km/h) and was the fastest production car until the McLaren F1 in 1998, and got the Nürburgring lap record until year 2000. These records can be explained by the relative lightweight of 1470 Kg, the impressive Cx of 0,36 and the demonstrative 3498cc V6 Twin Turbo engine, which delivers 549 hp at 7000 rpm. With 4 cams and 24 valves, it is associated with a 5 manual gearbox. The car structure is in aluminum and the bodywork is made of aluminum and composite materials. Looking to this Jaguar fighter jet shapes, it is easy to understand the aim of the XJ220 project: breeze as fast as possible!


This exceptional and never restored unit has been produced the 22ndSeptember 1993 with chassis N° SAJ-JEAEX8AX-220685 and left hand drive for European market, but has finally been exposed in a British show room until September 1997. At that time, a certain Mr. Baines bought it and drove only 1050 km until he sold it to a French collector in November 2014. Then in February 2016, this model got a large inspection from Don Law Racing, the famous XJ 220 specialist. In top of this extremely clear historic, this XJ220 gets his original logbook, tools, pharmacy kit and Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate, N°44898 from 29thJanuary 2017.


This extraordinary untouched unit, holding the number 42 out of the 277 models built, is for sure one of the best value in few years. This investment will flabbergast its new owners by both its remarkable performances and mint condition.