Fabulous Alfa Romeo Giulia Tubolare Zagato 1965 FIA registred with Clear history

Fabulous Alfa Romeo Giulia Tubolare Zagato 1965 FIA registred with clear history


The Tubolare produced by Autodelta and designed by the famous Elio Zagato was equipped with the twin-cam made entirely in aluminium and 1,570 cc common to the standard model. The car was built entirely in aluminium foils on a special tubular steel frame, disc brakes (in board for the rear) and independent suspensions on all  wheels. The model was very lightweight at just 660 kilos and could reach a top speed of 216 km/h. The motor is placed at an angle under the cover to maximize the flow of cooling air.Its design benefited from an advanced aerodynamic development with a truncated rear end called “coda tronca” in order to improve aerodynamics and boost its performance. This solution had been developed by Zagato for its competition cars based on the work of aerodynamic engineer Kamm.  The model was presented at the Monza Speedway during a competition organized by FISA. The Alfa Romeo TZ easily won the top four places in the sport-prototype category. After her homologation in the sport category, she won almost all the competitions where she will compete, in Europe and North America.Only 112 units of this model were produced between 1963 and 1965. In fact it was a car designed for competition, yet sold in 112 horsepower base, but quickly prepared by the racing team and especially by the factory. His record is simply impressive. The greatest pilots have used it, including the famous  French Jean Rolland . Original ‘s Tubolare are very rare today, their history in competition means that two thirds of them have survived.

Our car  chassis number AR 750098 was produced on March 3 /1965 and delivered the 5 March  in France in Paris  covered with a classic Rosso 501. She has only known three owners and has never left the hexagon.Its original engine was optimized in 2013 with a dual-ignition cylinder head by the famous German specialist Furiani, he continu servicing the car since.The car will be delivered with its complete file: invoices, history, European traffic certificate, Alfa Romeo certificate, expert report on approved value, FIA papers during F period.Eligible for all high-level international events such as the Tour Auto and Le Mans Classic, it will delight its new owner with its versatility and performance.