Ferrari 308 GTS, only 99 880 km, matching numbers from 1982

The Ferrari 308 GTS was presented at Frankfurt Motor Show in 1977, two years after the 308 GTB. As GTB designated the Berlinetta, GTS was for Spyderimplementing a removable rooftop that could be stored behind the seats. These exceptional designs are from Leonardo Fioravanti from the renowned company Pininfarina. Following the Dino 246 GTS, the 308 GTS was the only convertible within Ferrari range at that time allowing driver and passenger to feel closer to the nature and mostly closer to this stellar mechanics and amazing sound! It received a very dynamic conception with independent suspensions, four brake discs, front and rear anti-roll bars and the famous manual gearbox for its unique sound. Then in 1980 was introduced a new injection engine on both 308 GTB/GTS, in order to comply with anti-pollution rules. This 2926 cc V8 develops 214 horsepower at 6600 rpm, propelling the light 1300 kg 308 GTS at 240 km/h! The carburetors were removed and replaced by the Bosch K-Jetronic mechanical injection system, decreasing the emissions but keeping the specific emotions that only Ferrari gets the secret. At the end of the model production in 1982, 1749 units of 308 GTSi had been produced.


This very nice 308 GTS was sold the 1stJuly 1982 by Sa.Mo.Car., the Ferrari dealer from Roma, it has chassis number 2FFHA02B000041139, engine number F106B and color Rosso Corsa. From factory option, this model is equipped with chocolate squares leather seats and air conditioning. The car has been owned in Switzerland from 1987, then in 2007 an Austrian collector bought it and finally it arrived in France in April 2017. It received an expertise the 10thNovember 2015 certifying that the car is matching numbers and in original specifications. This Ferrari is in great condition, it has received a full mechanical revision in January 2018 and it will be delivered with its logbook, its Official Ferrari Certificate, the official French technical control without any remark and an Agreed Value Expertise.


This 308 GTS in perfect condition elaborates great feeling from its fantastic mechanics within the only removable Ferrari from its time.