Incredible Dino 246 GTS Giallo Fly 1973 “matching numbers”, fully restored by the best in Italy in 1994

The brand Dino has been created by Enzo Ferrari in 1964 to compete against Porsche in the 6-cylinder sport car market, whereas the brand Ferrari was exclusively for V12 GT. The 246 GT was presented in 1969 at Geneva International Motor Show, as an evolution of the Dino 206 GT with a bigger engine up to 2,4L in order to get higher torque at low RPM. The Dino 246 GT was a sport car before everything else, with a perfect weight repartition thanks to the engine in central rear position offering a fun and progressive behavior, a quite advanced chassis with independent suspensions and front and rear stabilizer bars. The V6, as a civilized version of the competition one, has an awesome sound and goes up to 7600 rpm for 195 horse power.  With overhead twin cams, double ignition system, 5-manual gearbox and magnesium Cromodora rims, this Dino embarked the latest technology from the end of the 60s.Finally the very original shapes, designed by Aldo Brovarone from Pininfarina, pursue the task to make the Dino 246 GT unforgettable to anyone who drove it or even only saw it. The 246 GTS, which has been produced at only 1274 units, varies by the removable top close to the targa system, increasing the driving feelings and the engine metallic voice.


This Dino 246 GTS has been produced in January 1973 and initially delivered to the U.S.A. with chassis N°5494 and engine N°0010929 135 CS. Then in 1992 a French collector bought it and send it to the best specialists for a complete restoration and reconstruction. Between 1992 and 1994, it went to Carrozzeria Auto Sport, Carrozzeria Zanasi, Brandoli Egidio and Tony Auto, all very famous for their Italian brands knowledge, they worked together to make this 246 GTS as faithful as the day it left Maranello factory twenty years earlier. After that, the same owner took care of it until 2012, then Franco sold the car to a second French collector who owned it until today, and now the car came back to Franco. Today this Dino will be sold together with a complete restoration book and many bills since 1992, it has been driven only 25 250 km since 1994 and the latest engine maintenance was done at Toni Auto in Maranello in 2017.


This Dino 246 GTS, color Giallo Fly 20-Y-191, is a real sensation machine in addition to get an incomparable beauty shaped by Italian artists of automotive.