Messerschmitt KR 175 Kabrio – The incredible touch!

After WW2, the economic car market is very dynamic and the engineer Fritz Fend proposes to Messerschmitt, whose production of aircrafts is forbidden, to produce a small car inspired by aeronautics: the Messerschmitt KR, for Kabinenroller or « cabin scooter ». The KR 175, for 175 cm3, was presented in Geneva in 1953 and made a strong impression. It is characterised by an extraordinary look reminding of an aircraft fuselage, with three wheels and two seats in tandem. The access on board is made by a tilting cockpit, similar to a fighter jet. The steering wheel is in fact a simple handlebar and the shifter works like a scooter gear selector. The single-cylinder Sachs engine allows, thanks to the lightweight design of the car, to propel the KR 175 to a speed of 85 km/h, making it perfectly usable.

Our chassis 9365 from April 1st 1956 is a luxurious exemplar Kabrio. Equipped with a cloth convertible top for an open-air cruising, this avoids the greenhouse effect generated by the usual Plexiglas cockpit. Its two-tone body is very refined with chrome strips, and its python interior adds and eccentricity touch. Meeting the aviation, the two wheels and the car worlds, the KR is a very uncommon car which makes you travel in a unique atmosphere with unbeatable sensations! With French papers, our KR 175 will delight a collector of heteroclite objects.