Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona . 1991 with only 7944 Kms

Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona . 1991  with only 7944 Kms

After his Moto Guzzi competition team won the 1984 and 85 American Pro Endurance Championships and the 1987 pro twins, the American Guru John Wittner received an offer he could not refuse. Summoned in Italy by the godfather Alejandro Tomaso , John was invited to participate in the development of a new superbike. Guzzi revealed a prototype at the Milan show in 1989 and named it as the famous Florida circuit (where they won the 250 km endurance race in 1985), it was not until the end of 1991 that the Daytona came into production.
The new Daytona engine was built around the classic “big block” transverse V-twin air-cooled, finally only the crankshaft and standard engine crankcase were retained. A bright red sport fairing has melted into the fuel tank just above the all-new Daytona cylinder heads, marked “OHC 4V” for its 4-cam distributor. . The fuel supply is made by Weber-Marelli electronic injection. The engine resulted in a revised version of the 5-speed transmission used on most Guzzi twins through a reinforced clutch and a drive shaft to the rear wheel.

With a claimed horsepower of 95 horsepower available at 8,000 rpm, the Daytona was the most powerful Guzzi on the road to date, with a top speed of 230 km / h. “The result is excellent drivability, with low power and medium power available as soon as you open the throttle,” Cycle World told in the Big Twin in 1993. The Daytona has been steadfast with suspension well damped and equipped with high-end tires it is very stable.

Our Guzzi chassis # 11683 has only known one Italian owner and only 7944 kilometers on the clock,so that it is as new and immaculate enough to take a lot of pleasure with the beautiful lady for many years