One of the 200 built, Eccentric Renault 5 Turbo 2 type 8221, “matching numbers”

The concept R5 Turbo came from a discussion between Jean Terramorsi and his assistant Henry Lherm en 1976, aimed to increase the Renault 5 popularity by creating a racing car for FIA Group 4, which could became a road limited edition later on. An engine at central rear position, big wheels and spectacular bodywork were the project basis! But when it arrived between Renault Sport hands, the concept was reversed tin order to get the hierarchy approval: perform a road sport car, which would easily become a racing car. Yves Legal drew this hypertrophied design and Serge Masset and Philippe Chasselut worked on the 160 horsepower 1397 cc engine, the definitive R5 Turbo presentation was at Paris Exhibition 1980. Then in 1982 was presented the R5 Turbo 2, less expensive without the interior design from Bertone and without any aluminum bodywork panel. But at the end of 1984, 200 special Turbo 2 were produced without customer order to allow the racing Maxi 5 Turbo to compete within higher engine category and get wider tires. These Special Turbo 2, type 8221, received a specific engine type C7K-700 of 1432 cc for about 180 horsepower and an aluminum rooftop, creating the ultimate Turbo 2 road version.


The R5 Turbo 2 presented here below is one of these 200 type 8221, finally delivered 22ndApril 1985 at Montlhéry Renault Dealer in France, color red with serial number F0010133 and engine number J000188. It runs perfectly, a full revision will be done and it will be delivered, after road experiment with a copy of the service book, the original Bertone seats from R5 Turbo 1, the Technical Control without any remark and an Agreed Value Expertise. The odometer clocks 86 510 km, non guaranteed mileage.


This eccentric R5 Turbo 2 represents the top of this unprecedented French concept, produced in very limited quantity, it is ready to captivate new passengers by its youngtimer spirit and powerful driving feelings.