Original Nissan 240 RS Group B 1983 with FIA Passport

The Group B Rally category started in 1982, replacing previous groups 4 and 5. The rules were quite soft in term of technical solutions and the constructors had to build only 200 serial cars to be able to participate with “evolution models”. As Nissan was already attended in Group 4, the company logically moved to group B with an evolution of the Nissan Silvia. The 240 RS was powered by a twin cam 2340 cc 4-cylinder delivering 275 horsepower at 8000 rpm. Standing on a steel monocoque chassis with roll cage and plastic bodywork panels, this pure rear wheel drive weights only 980 kilograms. In 1983, first year that Nissan participated to the Group B World Rally Championship, Timo Salonen arrived second in New Zealand and Nissan arrived at the 4thplace of constructors’ championship with 52 points. The 1984 season was less successful with the 7thposition and 46 points at constructors’ championship but a nice 3rdplace in the Ivory Coast for Shekhar Mehta. At the end of 1985 season Nissan arrived 4thwith 56 points and announced their retirement of the championship but the 240 RS has been engaged later on with semi-official teams.


The Nissan 240 RS presented today was built in 1983 with serial number JNIPS06S8BU432688, engine type DOHC FJ24, chassis type BLS 110 FK and was delivered in Greece. Coming from an important collection of a famous rally driver, this example is one of the 36 units left in the world out of the 200 initially built. It is a genuine Group B competition car that officially participated to the Acropolis Rally from 1983 to 1987. In good condition and ready to compete in historic races like the Maroc Historic Rally, the car will be delivered with its Greek historic registration, its FIA Passport and an agreed value expertise.


This original Nissan 240 RS Group B, as a piece of World Rally Championship history, gives unforgettable feelings and gets a safe increasing value.