Porsche 911 T Targa rare Soft Window from 1969, last year of production

Delivered new in Bologna in Italy on September 12th 1968 with the chassis number 119 11 0095, this a an extremely rare Targa Soft model year 1969, only about 50 were produced according to the well renowned Early 911s Registry. Gorgeous original Blutorange 6809 patinated color, its matching engine type 911/03 2.0L is being restored in our workshop. Today the car is equipped with Fuchs wheels whereas it was originally delivered with metal wheels. This is a very well preserved car, rust free, still with its original soft window, its original carpet and its original seats. It also has its period tools and car radio.


Starting from the model year 1967, the 911 became available with a Targa body with a fixed rollbar and a removable roof. The fixed window was a period option and the Targa was delivered with a standard soft window. Before the Targa became a Porsche icon, it was developed by Porsche to workaround the US rules of the period that banned the convertibles for insufficient security in case of rollover. The rollbar of the Targa was the answer to this risk and also contributed to the rigidity of the car. Starting from the model-year 1969, the chassis of the car is lengthens by a few centimeters, the fixed rear window becomes standard and the soft window is now an option available during only a year before disappearing from the catalogue.

Our rare Targa Soft 1969 will be delivered with its Porsche certificate and an appraisal value.