R8 Gordini R1134 from 1966, Group 5 maxi preparation

The R8 Gordini has been presented in 1964, and according to Renault marketing it had to allow enthusiastic sport drivers to satisfy their passion without paying more than a serial car price. The car is based on the standard Renault 8 commercialized in 1962 with the interesting engine rear position but specially developed by Amédée Gordini, called as well ‘the Wizard”. Born in Italy in 1899, Amédée Gordini associated his name to the young brand Simca when he arrived in France, he was specialized in the engine preparation and had innovative ideas to get them more competitive. From 1946 to 1951 the Simca Gordini competed in European tracks against Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Maserati and Talbot. After the Competition team closing in 1956, Gordini realized other collaboration as the one with Renault to develop the mythical R8 “Gorde”. The first available engine was a four-cylinder 1100cc with double body carburetors developing 80 horsepower and associated with a 4-gearbox. To support the power increase, the Renault 8 structure has been reinforced as well as the chassis with for example a double rear shock absorber suspension. The inside received a complete instrumentation with speed counter, rotation per minute, water-cooling temperature and an innovative brake fluid level. The result of this optimized development is the very well know and exceptional behavior of the R8 Gordini to be driven and enjoyed at the adherence limits and able to high performances for the 60s as the surprising 170 km/h top speed. Its abilities have been demonstrated at Corse Tours 1964, 65 and 66 when the R8 Gordini arrived first before the Porsche 911 and Alfa Romeo GTA.


This perfectly maintained R8 Gordini has been sold new the 14thSeptember 1966 in UK as shown on the original bill, it has been less than 200 built in Left Hand Drive. It is a R1134 type with chassis number 501320 and UK specifications. As we can see on the important bill folder, the first owner kept the car more than 20 years. Then at the end of the 90s it received a complete Group 5 preparation with Sparco bucket seats, Sabelt harness, roll bar, an FIA petrol tank in front, four vented discs, rally Mad’in rims and sport exhaust. In addition, the engine enlarged to 1548cc received a complete preparation in 1999 with Weber 45 carburetors, forged pistons, full race cam, crank shaft lightened and balanced, oil cooling system, and is associated to a 5-gearbox with a Quaife limited slip differential, it delivers 170 horsepower at 7500 rpm as shown in the original report. Finally the car has been imported and registered in France in 2017. It is in great conditions with a huge bill folder since new, it will be delivered with the Renault Certificate, an Agreed Value Expertise, the French technical control, the original selling bill and even the original key! To be noted that we have the possibility to change the steering wheel side on demand.


This wonderful, well documented and performing R8 Gordini is fully prepared for historical races and ready to achieve its original purpose more than 50 years after its birth!