Sculptural Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZagato coda tronca 1962 «matching numbers» 42 units

This specific version coda tronca has been produced only at 42 units and designed by Zagato. Ugo Zagato the famous founder of the design office made is repute by applying aeronautics’ technics to improve competition’s car performances. Mainly appropriate for racing, this 905 kilos Sport Zagato gets a better maneuverability and a very good high speed stability, especially during the 24 hours of Le Mans. Zagato’s aerodynamic study let the car reach 200 km/h top speed, which was quite impressive by the 60s. According to Zagato’s tradition, the bodywork is all aluminum and stands on the Giulietta platform. The super squared Twin cam four cylinders 1290 CC reaches 100 hp at 6500 rpm. Finally, the power is forwarded by a rigid type rear axle made of light alloy, with a 5 speed gearbox synchronized.


This model was manufactured the 22th February 1962 and delivered in white colour in Switzerland to Mr. Robmann. As type AR10126 and chassis number 00194, this car is still together with the original engine and gearbox which clocks 50 730 km. In addition, the wonderful and original bi-metal rims are from Ruote Borrani. In suitable condition, this model left Switzerland in 1999, was fully restored by Carrozzeria Lopane, renowned aluminum and Alfa specialist close to Milan. Then it has been lovely maintained by the same owner since 2002. It will be delivered with its Alfa Romeo Certificate and an Agreed Value Expertise.


This Italian Masterpiece will be enjoyed as much by an Alfa Romeo passionate, as a car-racing lover within the best of Zagato style!