If there is a story more than ever linked to that of Porsche in France, it is that of Auguste VEUILLET CEO of SONAUTO. The story began in 1950 when Auguste VEUILLET bought one of the first automobiles that would become as famous as its spawner a PORSCHE. The following year the 356 driven by Auguste VEUILLET took its first victory in motor racing in the very famous 24H event of Le Mans.

This exceptional PORSCHE 2.2 E has a story as exciting as that of Auguste VEUILLET or Ferdinand PORSCHE. It was delivered new in France on 21 March 1970 with the chassis number 9110200525 it was sold in 1995 to restore with only 68,000 kilometres. A low use explained by the fact that it was delivered with the Sportomatic gearbox mechanically problematic and especially unpleasant to daily use. The last owner a professional car decided that she deserves to be saved thanks to her very healthy base and the fact that she was never injured. So he starts a restoration at zero according to the rules of the art picking up each nuts and bolt forgetting no details. 10 years of careful work more than 1000 hours of detailed work the decision is taken to graft him a box 901/1 5 speeds of the right period.The original 155 horsepower engine completely rebuilt is equipped with the Bosch injection.

The dress of this stunning example of Stuttgart’s factories is of an impeccable metallic blue the elegant interior Pépita Noir intimate respect for an exceptional car. To perfect the set this Porsche 2.2 E is equipped with an option list that makes it enjoyable to drive on a daily basis. Front Shocks version S front and rear stabilizer bar long projectors Cibié yellow lays give it a deep look ready to unlock. The line is underlined by two coloured Fuchs rims. Inside the spirit of the time is set with a Becker Europa radio and an optional luggage.

Franco offers you a new car as it could have been delivered 49 years ago. This exceptional Porsche 2.2 E has only covered 1000 kms since its restoration and will be delivered to you with its complete restoration file with invoices and photos virgin technical control Porsche certificate and approved value expertise.