Stunning BMW 635 Group A factory motorsport ETCC / Bavaria team / 3 participations 24 hours of Spa.

Stunning BMW 635 Group A factory motorsport ETCC / Bavaria team / 3 participations 24 hours of Spa.


The BMW E24 was the chassis code for a large grand touring coupe introduced by BMW in 1976 and sold until 1989. The car was classically proportioned and featured rear wheel. We are delighted to offer this stunning, original BMW E24 635 Group A, chassis  E24 RA2-59 is a factory Motorsport chassis built in 1985 by the French team Bavaria in Reims to participate at the European Touring Car Championship  ( ETCC), It was originally acquired by the owner of the team Dominique Fornage, a new body arrives then from BMW Motorsport the main mechanics was then Castel Eric and José Rocher they assembled totally the car with a complete set of Gr A suspensions and brakes, Matter Roll -bar and a complete engine delivery by Motorsport with Alpina parts and 5 Getrag gearbox.

July 1985 / 24 Hours of Spa, Bavaria Team / Drivers : C.Ballot-Lena / Jc Andruet / R.Medge Sponsor : Texaco / Race number N° 12 / 8 Th.

October 1985 / 4 Hours of Jarama, Bavaria Team / Drivers : Claude Ballot Lena / René Metge  P. Hazebrouck / 10 Th.

June 1986 / Grand Prix Brno of CSSR, BMW Laon Team / Drivers : R.Metge / A.Guyot      Sponsor : Labo and BMW Laon / Race number N° 23.

July 1986 / 24 hours of Spa, Bavaria Team / Drivers : M.Sourd / R.Metge / P.Hazebrouck / Sponsor : Resto / Race number N° 23 / 4 Th.

July 1986 / Nurburgring, BWW Laon / Drivers: R.Metge / A.Guyot / Sponsor : Portex Race number N° 23.

1987 /  Rouen, Bavaria / Drivers : R.Metge / Jp Jaussaud / Sponsor : Labo / Race number N° 16.

May 1987 /  500 KM de Bourgogne Dijon, Bavaria Team / Drivers : R.Metge / Jp. Jaussaud Sponsor : Labo / Race number N° 16.

1987 / 29 th Grand Prix from La Chatre, Bavaria Automobiles / Drivers : R.Metge / Jp. Jaussaud Sponsor : Labo and TMS Assistance / Race number N° 16.

1987 / Trophées Auvergnes  Charade, Bavaria Team / Drivers : R.Metge / Jp Jaussaud    Sponsor : Labo / Race Number N° 16.

1987 / Circuit dAlbi, Bavaria Team / Drivers : R.Metge / Jp Jaussaud / Sponsor : Labo and TMS assistance / Race number N° 16.

August 1987 /  24 Hours of Spa, Bavaria Team / Drivers : R. Metge / J. Gouhier / Jp. Jaussaud Sponsor : TMS assistance / Race number N° 16 DNF.

After this period the car stopped racing, dry stored and participated in few circuit’s events for gentlemen, this in very good state of conservation and unmolested that i found it in 2014 in France. We start the restoration in 2018, the car was accident free and absolutely without rust, all the panels are original, the Matter company redone the Roll cage Fia in Steel instead Aluminium, Mister José Rocher redone the complete engine with 300 Hp like in 1985, now he have is proper company called RJ Motors and he is so famous in Racing Bmw’s in France, and Mister Castel Eric is my head of workshop since 14 years, this a nice history for a racing car with is complete and clear history, the Aluminium typical motorsport plates still under the dashboard . The factory produce around 90 E 24 motorsport car, this an unique opportunity to buy a car with three participations in the 24 hours of Spa and which was driven by such great pilots.

Eligible to the Heritage touring Cup from Peter auto, the car come with is complete history attestation, invoices, vidéo’s and period pictures.