Timeless Porsche 993 Bi-turbo 4 WD 1996 Artic Grey

Timeless Porsche 993 Bi-turbo 4 WD 1996 Artic Grey 


The introduction of the 993 was an important milestone in Porsche’s history, it was the last to use the air-cooled engine so characteristic of our beloved 911 since its launch. The nine nine three for  the initiates is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful 911’s because it retains the original line skilfully re-styled by adding mechanical modernity and an aesthetic update. In parallel with the introduction of the profiled body a multi-link rear suspension improves comfort and dynamic  road behavior by reducing the tendency to oversteer.

Introduced in 1995, the 993 was the first Porsche equipped with a dual turbo engine and the first 911 Turbo with permanent all-wheel drive. With 408 horsepower and a 6 speed gearbox, it offers a level of performance close to that of the Porsche 959 supercar.

The model we are offering you today is in superb condition, never damaged.It was delivered new for Christmas day 1996 to a company in DubaÏ but WPOZZZZ99ZVS370320 is an European model with only 27 options at list , in 2005 when its manager leaves the palm trees he decides beforehand to completely rebuild the engine at his dealer and to leave with his beautiful to his native England with 140 824 kilometers on the tacho, during the complete refurbishment of the engine the garage replaces the tacho for a new one, a French amateur there buys back in 2015, she had only 2 owners in France and three in total having covered only 34500 km since its refurbishment, she is maintained since 2015 in Porsche dealer.

This magnificent car will be delivered ready to drive with a blank roadworthiness test, an approved value expertise as well as its maintenance file and complete logbook as well as a large invoice file since the beginning.

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