Very elegant Talbot T14 Lago Sport Spécial 1956, Matching Numbers

The very rare and elegant Talbot Lago T14 LS designed by Letourneur and Marchand has been revealed at Paris Motor Show 1955. This coupe decidedly athletic is loyal to its LS designation for Lago Sport. Beyond the 54 units produced, it’s been built only 7 or 8 T14 LS Spécial, thanks to a tubular chassis and aluminium openings, the car weights only 1000 kilos, this is exceptional at the time. This Spécial was equipped with the famous ZF gearbox completely synchronised and a twin cam engine upgraded to 140 horsepower thanks to specific camshafts and Weber carburettors. This fabulous and expensive Spécial model was delivered in France the 1st June 1956 to certain Mister Delbreil in an elegant metallic blue, its chassis number is 140035, registered the first time as 132 AZ 09, the 30th March 1963 it changed owner or address because the registration became 7738 JB 75. Then the car is acquired by Mister Cornibé the 9th April 1969 who quickly started some renovation work, disassembled the bodywork from the chassis and store it under a porch roof inside his homestead. Thanks to his motorist knowledge, he rebuilt the engine during the 90s while the chassis stands well dry, he passed away in 2005, so the beauty has been asleep dry during 50 years. A French collector bought the car in October 2013 and continued its restoration. Today the bodywork is almost finalized, stays the upholstery, the electricity, the painting and assembling. It will be sold in this condition with its French registration. This Talbot Lago T14 LS Spécial is Matching Numbers, it gets its brand certificate and it is 95% complete. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a French automotive heritage piece with reinforced sportiness and an extraordinary elegance.