Wonderful Porsche 356 B 2000 GT Carrera 2 LWT 1963 « matching numbers » only 33 built. 165 Hp. FIA papers

The Carrera 2 has been presented at Frankfurt exhibition in 1961. The usual Porsche 356, whose 1st model built at Gmund factory in 1948, was already desirable with it lightweight, good performances and delightful shapes. But the Carrera models were definitely one step forward to the competition standards. Following his philosophy of continuous developments, Ferry Porsche equipped the Carrera 2 with the latest technologies created by the company. One of the numerous examples is the 4 brakes discs technology, directly coming from Porsche Formula 1, with the calipers placed very close to the hub, increasing the brakes’ resistance and cooling. About bodywork, the doors and bonnets are made of aluminum, and the windows are in plexiglass, always in order to benefit of these materials lightness. Then it is so much to say about the engine, developed by Dr Ernst Fuhrmann himself: flat 4, 1966 cc, four cams! In addition: two specific double body carburetors Weber 48 and a double ignition system to increase the petrol quantity in the mix and maximize the power. With 870 kilos, 165 hp and rear stabilizer bars, this car reaches 200 km/h, which was a symbolic target in 1963. Even with such features, the Carrera 2 is easier to drive than the previous, mainly thanks to the 2 liter’s, which delivers higher torque at low rpm, but still furious at high engine speed.


The model we’re presenting has been delivered the 21st May 1963 in Switzerland in Signalrot 6211. It is « matching numbers »: VIN 124071, engine type 587/2 – N°98023, gearbox type 741/9A – N°64773. As factory options and to increase again racing abilities, you’ll find sport seats, roll bar, bi-metal wheels, big fuel tank of 110L and sport exhaust. Thereby equipped, this Carrera 2 participated to different competitions like several times Le Tour Auto.


In 1999, a French collector bought this very nice one and maintained it at Porsche Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen until 2008 and then at Karl Hloch, the renowned Porsche flat-4 specialist, till today. All maintenance and reconditioning bills are available from 1999! Finally, this wonderful Carrera 2 will be delivered with it FIA Passports from 2005, period F and FIA class GTS 11.


This jewel from Zuffenhausen, out of the 33 units built, is ready to go through new adventures and gladden its new travelers.