Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint 750B 1300 1959 – Matching numbers – A must-have in an Alfa Romeo collection

Designed by the maestro Felice Boano and built by the renowned Carrozzeria Bertone, the coupe Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint was introduced in 1954 at the Torino Motorshow and it has been immediately successful. Elegant and sporty, this brilliant car deeply marked history and became a real emblem for Alfa Romeo. With an unrivaled pure and elegant shape, its chromed moustaches emphasize the legendary Alfa grill, its small rear lights raise its silhouette and its chromes hub caps add a touch of elegance. The body coloured dashboard is one of the simplest and retains a timeless finesse. Three round dials are under the eyes of the driver with the tachometer in the middle, reminding the sporty genesis of the car. Under the hood we find the whole force of the manufacturer from Milano. Its motorist past allowed him to build a straight 4-cylinder 1300 cc engine with a stunning modernity in the conception for the period, with an aluminium cylinder head and block, and a double overhead camshaft. Willing and melodious, it produces 65 hp and gets all the benefit from a lean weight of 850 kg allowing the Giulietta Sprint to exceed 160 km/h, real sport for the period! The Giulietta Sprint is a timeless sporty Italian classic and became over the years the Alfa of the purists.

Our gorgeous Giulietta Sprint 1300 is a Tipo 750B that was born in 1959 with the chassis AR1493.09540. It is matching numbers with its engine AR1315.08053. Its transmission was modified with a 5-speed Veloce type gearbox in order to improve its usability. It is equipped with long-range chromed Carello front lights and with a magnificent aluminium and wooden Nardi steering wheel. Its two-tone interior in red leatherette and white cloth perfectly blends with its bodywork. It still has its radio from the period. Nowadays, the coupe Giulietta Sprint is a must-have piece for an authentic amateur of the brand. It will be delivered with its contrôle technique and an appraisal value. As the value of more recent Bertone coupes exploded, the one of the sprint should follow soon. I know this little furious and efficient coupe very well as I won the Sport Menor B class of the 1999 Carrera Panamericana thanks to my spiritual father Tony Rotondi.