Golf GTI 2 16S 1986 only 35800 km from new, 139 HP.

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Golf GTI 2 16V 1986 only 35 800 km from new, 139 HP.

 Succession to Golf 1 GTI was not easy. After a hard battle to get rid of its illustrious predecessor, the Golf 2 quickly confronted intense competition from the Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 and Renault’s 11 Turbo. In response to this Volkswagen did not adopt an increase in the displacement of its 1800 and even less a Turbo, but leaned towards a multi-valve cylinder head. Consequently, the famous KR block was housed under the hood of the Golf in 1985, the 16V now develops 139 horses and forces amateurs to make the connection with the 136 thoroughbreds of the turbulent GTI 16V Oettinger of the first generation. The new engine quickly proves to be easier to maintain and more pleasant on a daily basis. Equipped with a more complete range of equipment, the Golf 2 GTI 16V quickly found its place in the hearts of the sportsmen of its time. Equipped with an original centralization and electric windows, welcoming and more modern thanks to an on-board computer, more comfortable also thanks to good seats and a neat assembly, we are far from the stiff finish of a Golf 1 GTI. All controls are flexible and the engine looks better in its compartment thanks to a more comfortable acoustic system. We quickly realize that this car was ahead of its time and the competition. Little engine vibration that has been able to meet all speeds all this thanks to its 16 valves, its intake and injection that work in concert and a fully electronic ignition. This Golf could suit you on a daily basis

Our Golf 2 chassis WVWZZZZZ19ZGB68Q116 delivered on 06 23 1986 in Bordeaux is in near new condition, it has only had two owners in total, superbly well preserved and never repainted. The white, which is not really usual on this model, differentiates it from the traditional black and red colors. Incredibly, the welds and underframes still show traces of protective paraffin used at the factory, no cracked joints, the black paint edging is still intact around the perimeter of the car. The exceptional condition of this car will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of a happy 1985 owner. It is very rare to be able to find a car that still has its original interior that has not been tinkered with or modified. This Golf 2 GTI 16V is absolutely original from one end to the other, which makes it an exceptional car; it will be the star of the KM/H magazine in November 2017.This beautiful car will be delivered with a mechanical overhaul in our workshop, a virgin control technic  test and an approved value expertise. European traffic permit.