“Must Have” Jaguar E-TYPE 4.2 Roadster Series 1 ½ fully renovated, Matching Numbers

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Although the Jaguar E-Type replaced the XK150 at the brand portfolio, its genuine filiation is from the D-Type, so it’s first of all a race car, with a modern construction and in addition designed by the aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer. It received a glamorous look thanks to its very pure body curves and its refined interior, attracting many celebrities and whose the Commendatore himself admitted that it was “the most beautiful car of all times”. So that was quite logic that it met an amazing success in March 1961 when it was revealed to the press, the day before Geneva Car Show, at the Parcs des Eaux Vives. This first model was a Coupe, but the Jaguar E-Type was build as roadster and 2+2 bodyworks as well.

The conception was at the top of its time and the chassis was similar to the D-Type, four independent suspensions, both front and rear disc brakes and a weight of only 1220 Kg conferred a remarkable behavior. The XK 6 cylinders engine with double overhead camshaft was initially 3.8 liters but grew to 4.2 from 1964 to get more torque at low rpm but the same power of 265 bhp (about 269 horsepower). This evolution came together with a new gearbox fully synchronized from Jaguar design, way easier to handle than the Moss gearbox of the first units, as well as new tilt seats. The car got impressive specs by that time with 240 km/h top speed, the fastest serial car produced hitherto.

Year 1967 was an in-between in term of production, these cars non-officially called Series 1 ½ received several evolutions during the year according to the parts consumption: the aviation type switches on the dash board were replaced by piano types, the front light bubbles disappeared and the three SU engine carburetors were replaced by two Zenith Stromberg in order to comply with United States environmental norms. The E-Type Series 2 generalized this engine evolution and the power decreased to 170 horsepower, the bumpers and rear lights became bigger again in order to comply with U.S. norms. Finally the last Series 3 received the impressive aluminum V12 but required an enlargement of the front air inlet for cooling needs.


The unit for sale was built the 1st December 1967, it received a high quality renovation at Luxembourg, it is in a perfect esthetics condition and its mechanics is Matching Numbers. This roadster E-Type Series 1 ½ with Luxembourg registration get Serial Number 1E16434, it is powered by the three SU carburetors engine of 265 bhp, it is Gun Metal Grey outside color with black leather inside and it is for sale with its Jaguar Heritage Trust certificate and an agreed value expertise.