Splendid Norton Commando 750 S Roadster, 1971, Matching numbers, restored.

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Splendid Norton Commando 750 S Roadster, 1971, Matching numbers, restored.

The Norton Commando was launched in 1967 at the Earls Court show. This is an evolution of the previous model, the 750 Atlas, which used the rigid mounting of the engine in the legendary rigid featherbed frame and remarkable for its handling.

Aesthetically it is distinguished from the Atlas by its inclined cylinders (easy to obtain with an engine separate from the transmission:gearbox assembly) and a very innovative tank seat assembly called Fastback with a polyester tank, an aerodynamic long backrest seat in polyester with rear light.

Launched in 1967, the Commando 750 uses a very different new frame, designed by engineer Stefan Bauer, with a large diameter tubular backbone and a lower double cradle. To minimize vibrations, an original system of large rubber blocks (the Isolastic system) is interposed between the frame and the engine + gearbox + swingarm assembly. According to the old English school, it is a three-part engine, engine, transmission unit + clutch, separate gearbox. The engine torque is such that the clutch is borrowed from automotive technology with a dry single disc and a diaphragm plate spring, which replaces the traditional oil bath multidisc and cork lining.

There will be several versions, in addition to the original Fastback: the roadster (small tank and high handlebars), the interstate (large tank for better autonomy, and low handlebars for a less tiring position on long high-speed journeys) and the Hi Rider adapted to the American market with a “chopper” look (raised cow horn handlebars and high back saddle style “easy-rider”).

Our Commando 145677 was produced in 1971, it is a roadster with its famous high handlebar as a characteristic. The 750cc was produced from 1967 to 1973. Its 4-valve in-line twin-cylinder engine produces 60 horsepower at 6800 rpm and torque from 65 Nm to 5000 rpm. The transmission is done by chain with a 4-speed gearbox. Its frame is made of steel with a double insulated cradle. On the suspension side, it is equipped with a conventional Rodholder fork at the front and two shock absorbers at the rear. It is braked by a double drum at the front and a single drum at the rear. Its 11 litres tank allows the belle to weigh only 180 Kg. Our Commando could easily reach 200 km/h, which was remarkable for the time. French registration document .