Adriatic Blue Porsche 914/6 from 1970

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The 914 was born from an association between Volkswagen and Porsche, who both wanted an entry-level sports car. Two main version were available, the 914/4 built at Volkswagen and the rare 914/6 made at Zuffenhausen workshop and equipped with the 911T engine of 2000cc delivering 110 horsepower. The design made by a contemporary furniture specialist is quite symmetric between front and rear, the car is very low with a targa rigid hard top and it looks neither like a Porsche nor like a Volkswagen. Anyhow, the conception of the 914 was very close to a racing car with an engine at rear central position, its four brake discs, a lightweight of 940 kg and a long wheelbase compared to the car size. The result is a very neutral behavior that was unusual and very modern by the 70s, demonstrating the high competition potential of this car. It has been proved by the short but excellent career of the 914: in 1970 it won the GT Class at 24h of Le Mans, it took the three first positions at Nürburgring 86 hours the same year and it arrived first at 9 rally specials at Monte-Carlo 1971. Some people say that Porsche top management decided to shorten the 914/6 career in order to avoid the internal competition with the 911, showing how good was this unusual 914.


This Porsche 914/6 holding chassis number 914 043 1337 has been delivered in the U.S. in April 1970 with this very nice Adriatic Blue color. Renovated in our workshop in 2011, it is equipped of bucket seats, harness, roll bar and the odometer shows 45500 km. The engine has been replaced by a 2.7 liters Flat-6 with carburetors developing around 200 horsepower, serial number 6561079.


This very performing Porsche 914 with an outstanding design will turn heads and be able to bring sensations and satisfaction for simple rides or even track days.