Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 Junior 1968, Objectif Tour Auto 2017

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This Alfa Romeo Giulia was originally a 1968 Bertone Scalino coupe, called mail box, rebuilt as a 1300 GTa. This car is quite famous as it’s been the star of Objectif Tour Auto 2017 TV show, presented by Gregory Galiffi on French channel C8. The aim was to participate to this renowned race with a fully prepared car able to compete against the 230 other competitors. The restoration was managed by four experts and assisted by GARAC apprentices, the national school of automotive professions.

During months, the car has been completely rebuilt in its news way of mind, racing. The body has been paint-removed at a German specialist, then treated but free of Blaxon and anti corrosion for weight savings, and finally painted in red to remind the Italian cars competition history. New aluminum doors, Makrolon rear windows and useless elements removal have lightened the car by 80 kilos! The chassis has been reinforced at some points for a better stiffness and to be able to manage the racing constraints. Inside we can find a 6-post ROPS, a heating windscreen and specific GTa seats tailor-made restored. About mechanics, big brakes kit with aluminum Alfa Romeo calipers, brake control valve, adjustable Koni suspensions, reinforced rear axle, aluminum tank in the trunk as a GTa, electrical petrol pump and the battery is in the trunk for a better weight repartition. The engine has been completely prepared, as the GTa it’s a twin spark but with a 2-liter capacity, the cylinder head is reworked, engine flywheel and crankshaft are lightened and balanced, the petrol feeding is managed by two 45 Weber carburetors, the aluminum spaghetti exhaust manifold and full exhaust line are from Alfaholics. The cooling is ensured by a high flow radiator with SPAL electrical fan monitored from the dashboard. The engine develops 175 horsepower and the car stands on GTa rims and Michelin tires.

This Alfa Romeo Giulia finally afforded Gregory Galiffi to really enjoy the Tour Auto, so that it was then invited by Chopard to the 1000 Miglia.