Alfa-Romeo Giulietta 1300 SS

Giulietta Sprint Speciale 1300 type 10120 AR 177268.

Produced on December 15, 1961 and delivered on January 08, 1962 in Pavia Italia. It is currently undergoing a complete restoration by an Italian specialist from a bare body and will be delivered with its original color Bianco Gardenia as well as its engine also original. Its interior will also be redone in Italy in the original colors (blue and gray) and material (imitation).

In 1959 at the Monza Autodrome, Alfa-Romeo presented its Giulietta 1300 SS (Sprint Speciale), which took up the lines of the prototype presented in October 1957 at the Turin Motor Show. Designed by Franco Scaglione at Bertone, this streamlined coupe was designed to broaden the Giulietta’s customer base, which was looking for more sportiness.

A CX OF 0.28 IN 1959!

Its 1300cc engine, derived from the Veloce, produced 100 hp. A high power for the time, thanks to two Weber DCOE2 carburetors. Its excellent aerodynamic efficiency allowed it to reach the mythical 200 km/h mark.

A detailed restoration file will be provided with the car as well as a certified valuation.

1,366 Giulietta SS 1300 were produced before taking the name of Giulia and receiving a 1600 cc 4-cylinder engine. A rare and very endearing model.

Price on request.