Alpine A110 1600 S

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In 1971 the A110 berlinetta reached its peak becoming the most titled rally car, facing the Porsche 911, Ford Escort Twin Cam and Lancia Fulvia HF. Among his notable victories, the A110 won the Monte Carlo Rally with Swedish driver Ove Andersson.

Equiped since 1969 with the 4-cylinder Aluminum of the Renault R16TS, the 1600 S sees its power increased to 127 hp DIN in 1972 . Extremely lightweighted (625 kg) and perfectly rigid thanks to its beam framed chassis, the A110 berlinetta is a marvel of maneuverability and efficiency, and undoubtedly deserves a place in the French automotive history, under the Alpine name. Since it is only in 1973, that Renault bought back to its founder Jean Rédélé, all of its shares and that the brand became Renault-Alpine.

This magnificent Alpine 1600 S was delivered new to its first owner by Renault branch Rue de la Pompe, May 24, 1972. With no other option than its Alpine Blue metallic paint, as evidenced by the original car invoice. But what is to be retained as very seldom with this car is that its first owner has kept it until 2010, in its original state. With only 95000 km and with no accident ever. And when he finally accepted to sell it, its second owner decided to undertake a complete reconstruction, but exclusively from all the original parts that were reusable. So every possible part was carefully scrutinised and refurbished if possible. Also the paint was found ready for a refrehment but for the first time only. These cars were often modified or “improved” sometimes badly. It is therefore very rare to find one now that is still so close to its original condition, with all its bills, and also with all its technical controls (French Mot or German Tüv).

As for a proud Alpine, uphill mention “all matching numbers” should s well be replaced here by a “tous numéros d’origine” which seems even more convincing. The complete record of this restoration and expertise will come with this fantastic car. But the photos herewith speak by themselves.