Aston Martin DB9 Volante 2007, delivered new in France, 23 530 km

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The wonderful Aston Martin DB9 revealed in 2004 gets an out standing elegance, its remarkable design is both dynamic and extremely pure, still looking very nice 15 years later. The interior is as luxurious and refined as expected in an Aston Martin with many solid wood elements and the omnipresence of premium leather made in Scotland by the Bridge of Weir Leather Company. Under this exquisite outline is hidden a modern extruded aluminum structure of only 275 kilos, and the majestic 6-liter Aston Martin V12, which basis is from the DB7 but reworked to achieve the 450 horsepower. This mechanical cathedral plays the flexibility card as 80% of the maximal torque is available from 1800 rpm, offering strong accelerations managed by the 6-speed ZF automatic gearbox. So here you get a timeless and majestic car with a fabulous V12 that you’ll enjoy even more in this convertible version.

This great Aston Martin DB9 Volante was delivered new in France and registered the 28th December 2007. The car has been driven only 23 530 kilometers and is in a new condition.