Cobra SR V8 Supercharged 385 hp. RHD. 1970.

Cobra SR V8 Supercharged 385 hp. RHD. 1970. Only for bad boys

The mythical AC Cobra was born at the beginning of the 60s thanks to the imagination of racing driver Caroll Shelby who had the idea to implement a V8 inside the AC Bristol chassis in order to beat Ferrari in competition. Initially the AC Bristol received a straight 6 engine and competed in Europe, it arrived at the 7 th position at Le Mans 1959 winning the 2-liters’ category. So according to Shelby’s demand, the AC founders Hurlock brothers modified their chassis to receive the Ford V8 260, giving birth to the first Cobra. Then it has been several evolutions and engines on the AC Cobra that has been produced until 1969. Owing to its great success, the Cobra has been produced as well by few other manufacturers such as Southern Roadcraft in order to perpetuate the myth and eventually bring some improvements. That’s how brothers Ian and Brian Nichols, renowned Southern Roadcraft founders for their high quality work and superior engineering, decided to produced their own Cobra called SR V8 with an improved chassis and a luxury interior.

This impressive Cobra Southern Roadcraft was delivered the 13 th October 1970 and holds the chassis number 1U2603DN. It received a restoration in 2007 including new red and gold painting, chassis and gearbox renovation and a new 4.2 V8 supercharged engine from the specialist Trafford Competition Engines. It brings a renewed personality to this Cobra with its Cosworth race pistons, Group A rods, balanced crankshaft, AP racing clutch and Magnusson 110 Supercharger producing 385 horsepower and the phenomenal torque of 488 Nm at 3000 rpm! This power is transferred to the wheel via a Jaguar IRS rear axle with limited slip differential, the inboard brakes and double rear shock absorbers suspensions ensure a better behavior. Even though this beast cannot hide its muscles and to drive it requires self control and authority to tame it, the sound produced is incredible and the accelerations are exceptional. This car has been owned by Tony Croft from 2006 and participated several times to the Shelsley Walch, the oldest race in the world still using its original course. Today this Cobra is with UK papers, it runs perfectly and will be delivered with all its bills since 2006. This impressive Cobra Southern Roadcraft is definitely destined to a tough driver who feels ready to manage such power monster. In very good condition with a strong character, it is a rare opportunity to feel Caroll Shelby’s idea of sport car.