Ducati 750 GT Matching numbers .1973

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Ducati  750 GT Matching numbers .1973

The Ducati  750 GT is perhaps one of the most important motorcycles in the brand’s history. It was she who inaugurated in 1971, the 90° V-twin engine that the brand still uses today on some of these models, the same one that produces the particular sound that Ducati cars with Conti pots have, the beast breathes deeply and regains its proud appearance.  Its round sump engine is a work of art by Fabio Taglioni. Maybe a vague resemblance to the right side of the Norton Commando. Except that the GT is perfect on both sides. It’s clean, clean, clean everywhere, without any tubing that pollutes the eyesight. Elegant, minimalist, compact, in short, simply perfect… When it was released, it was the lightest, fastest and cheapest bike of its kind, despite the presence of the 750 Honda just born. A guaranteed success. In 1972, the Ducati 750 GT was the cheapest in its class with a label of around 9,500 francs (in comparison, the Honda CB 750 was trading at 11,000). With a world production estimated at 4,100 units, it is difficult today to estimate the number of GTs remaining in circulation.  The 750 GT was produced from the end of 1971 to 1975 under the name S 750 (mine type), it developed 50 horses at 5250 rpm and could reach 200 Km per hour. This frame model 752 363 is in a magnificent state of restoration, everything seems to have been replaced, restored and revised, rectified, its volcanic orange paint suits him perfectly and its mechanics works perfectly. It is a rare and mythical bike for the history of the exciting Bologna brand. French registration document