Facel Vega HK2 – Chassis B152

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One of the 23 RHD on the 183 HK2 ever made.

Facel Vega was the last French Sports & Luxury car manufacturer in History, celebrated as the challenger of no less than Maserati, Ferrari and Aston Martin. Successor of the mythical Bentley Continental R for luxury, speed and prestige, the Facel Vega HK2 was the epitome of wealth, elegance and power.

The engine is the powerful 6,3 litre Chrysler paire with the lighter Aluminium 3-gear automatic gearbox. Power steering, Rudge wheels.

This fine automobile has a very interesting history, most of which was spent in England, under the same registration number 5GXV. The first owner in January 64 was Mr. Jack Bowthorpe, founder of an electronics Company, Bowthorpe Holdings. A few years after, this HK 2 belonged to a most controversial personnality, a Mr. Anton Von Kassel, a Greek born dealer in icons, who had a much publicised affair with Alexandra (Sasha) Bruce, daughter of a former UK American Ambassador. One other of his famous owners was Brititsh race driver Ron Fry, winner of several important races, with a Ford GT40 and a Ferrari 275 LM. The car was imported from England in 1983 by Mr. Alain Bels, it was then sold to Mr. Riquet who used it daily to Paris. In the last couple of years, an ambitious and comprehensive restoration program was entrusted to Carrosserie Lecoq, one of the best French specialists for Classic Cars “concours” restoration.

The car is now in a perfect running order.