Ferrari 250 GT Lusso

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The Ferrari 250 GT/L (for Lusso) was first introduced at the Salon de l’ Auto Paris in september 1962. This elegant Coupé designed by Pinifarina was supposed to fill the gap between the very sporty 250 SWB and the more sedate 250 GTE. Manufactured by Carrozeria Scaglietti 351 times between september 1962 and August 1963, the châssis was based on the 2.4m Passo Corto , with a tubular frame, same as the mythic GTO. This very GT featured a luxurious interior and was not designed for racing purpose despite some clients trials. The 250 GT Lusso was also the last Ferrari to have been equiped with the 3.0L Colombo V12, developing 240 hp, fitted with a single camshaft and 3 Weber carbs. 4 disk brakes were installed to stop this very light and drivable machine. One of the most desirable Classic Ferraris ever .

Sold new by the Austrian Ferrari importer in april 1964 to an American military, this particular 250 GTL was left at Auto Becker in Dusseldorf and sold by Helmut Becker in 1974 to Manfred Lampe, a well known member of the board of the Ferrari of America Club and editor of the Prancing Horse, the Club Newsletter. He was also designer at Ford Motor Company second of the Ghia department. The car is then owned from 76 to 83 by Ernie Barry (Northville – Mi) before being the property in 83 of Ray Van Zelot (Brookfield – Miss). The car is then repainted in Rosso Scurro with tan interior. Advertised for sale in the FML in May 1989 for 399000$. Sold to Mr Conti and sold again in 1991 to Mr Zannoni in Italy were the car is then registered and fully restored by some of the best Ferrari Masters. Autofficina Bonini in Reggio Emilia (engine, gearbox, suspension, electrical). Body by Carrozeria Franco Ferrari in Modena. Resprayed in Grigio Metallizzato by Dino Cognolato in Padova in 2005. Interior by The Luppi brothers at Tapezzeria Luppi in Modena. Currently French owned , the car is in a perfect cosmetical and mechanical condition.

French Title. All numbers matching. Ferrari certificate