Ferrari 355 Challenge

Sorry, too late !

The F 355 Challenge was the second car to the one to race into the Ferrari Challenge, after the 348. So Ferrari developed the 355 Challenge in 95, first as a road legal car, including some racing specifications like a roll cage, racing seats and harness, an aero package and wheels. Only 109 cars were made. For the F355 (either road or track), Ferrari developed a new 3.5 liter 90° V8 engine developing 375bhp at 8250 rpm with a redline of 8500 rpm. Maximum torque was 268 lbs-ft at 6000 rpm. The one presented here escaped to the scares of an hard racing life and was carefully maintained by his owners. With only 35000 km, this very quick machine is exactly the one you need to be driven straight out of your garage to one of your favorite tracks, without the burden of heavy logistics. And no need of a radio too. The symphony orchestra is just behind your seat.