Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato 3C

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Designed as the replacement for the famous Aurelia, the Flaminia Sport arrived in 1959 as one of three coachbuilt derivatives of the four-door Flaminia Berlina, the other two being a Pininfarina coupe and Touring coupe/convertible. While the Pininfarina and Touring cars are both attractive designs, it is the Zagato-bodied Sport that stands out. Lighter, faster and the most sporting, the Zagato body was hammered by hand from sheets of aluminum. The signature “double bubble” roofline is easily identifiable as the Zagato design trademark.

The Sport is a two-passenger coupe, retaining the 2458-cc aluminum V6 engine from the Aurelia, which provided the original Sport with 119 horsepower. Lancia upgraded carburetion from the single twin-choke Solex of the original configuration to three twin-choke Webers (3C) on 2.5 liter with 140hp and 2.8-liter configuration, with 152 hp in its final version.

The Flaminia Sport was offered in three model series over the years. The Series I had covered cowled headlights, body-enclosed door handles, and the 2.5-liter single-carb setup. The Series II cars had exposed headlights, more conventional door handles, and the 2.5-liter engine with single or triple carbs. A few had the 2.8 3C setup. The Series III cars had a cut-off Kamm tail and reverted to the cowled teardrop headlight design.

The wonderful exemple presented here for sale, has been superbly preserved. Registered new in May 62, this Serie 2 Lancia Flaminia Zagato 3C, only covered 148000 km with 3 successive owners. The car still retains its original very classy red leather interior and is equiped with hyper-rare mag wheels by Mallone. Comprehesive files and documents are available, a Zagato certificate included. FIA papers. Swiss and French registration

A great opportunity to acquire a very desirable gentleman car which will open the doors of major events and grow fast in value.