Majestic Pininfarina Ferrari 456 GT 1994 Manual “matching numbers”, 50 420 km

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The 456 GT is part of the long lineage of front V12 Ferrari, made for long travel within exceptional comfort, top of luxury and impressive performances. Following the Ferrari 412, the 456 GT was first revealed for F 40 event, at Belgium Francorchamps Garage in 1992, celebrating the 40 years of Ferrari imports. The first look is impressed by the fluid and aerodynamic design line, drown by Pininfarina, it seems like the car will go through the air very smoothly without any after effect to the passengers. To be absolutely sure that travelers will not suffer from any inconvenience, Ferrari garnished this GT with Connolly leather seats and many very modern features for the beginning of the 90s: automatic air conditioning, electric glasses and mirrors and 8 speakers in case anybody could be bored by the harmonious V12 song. Nevertheless, don’t forget that we’re talking about a Ferrari, meaning obviously performances. The bodywork is in aluminum in order to save weight, the gearbox is a manual 6 speeds and the steering wheel is the genuine aluminum 3 branches to offer the best driving feeling. Then the soul of the 456 GT is powered by the 5,5 liters V12 of 442 hp, propelling until 4 passengers at 307 km/h! As everything in this car, the engine technology is modern with Twin cam, 4 valves per cylinder and electronic injection. In addition, it gets a mobile spoiler between the 4 exhausts, moving down at high speed to ensure a perfect stability. Finally you will find the actual standards in this pure GT with timeless Pininfarina design line.


This Ferrari 456 GT was delivered in Switzerland the 19 January 1994 in color Dark Grey 703, inside leather Rolex green, serial N°ZFFSD44S000098549, engine N°35840. The maintenances were initially done at Ferrari dealer Walter Hasler AG, in Switzerland. Then a French collector bought it and the engine has been renovated in March 2006. In 2016, a second French collector acquired the car and made a leather renovation in 2017. Ferrari Logbook and several maintenance bills are available from 2006. To resume, this 456 GT is in very good conditions as it received regular maintenances and renovations, clocking only 50 420 km.


This Ferrari 456 GT is one of the best balance between luxury, comfort, modernity and performances, matching exactly with Maranello tradition for front V12 GT.