Porsche 1965 VHC Rally FIA papers Class GT16

Porsche 1965 VHC Rally FIA papers Class GT16


The  short wheelbase is the first version of the long line of 911’s, it is the birth of a prestigious sports car that will never cease to evolve, a myth was born, equipped with a two liter flat 6-cylinder with  Solex carbs, is architecture combined with air cooling will quickly give it a sound that is unique to it and will contribute greatly to is image.


The chassis 302 558 was delivered the 19 october 1965 to Autogerma Bologna to the Viscount di Madrone.

After a peaceful life and three privat Italian owners, the car was reinforced and modified in 2002 into a race car to the delight of a Porsche enthusiast from Turin well known in the world since he had a collection of more than 15 cars from Stuttgart.

Unfortunately, he has just left us today after more than 55 participations at the wheel of this car skilfully prepared by the Pentacar company of the Melli brothers, the body is still very healthy, without corrosion, just the floor deformed by a few jumps controlled in stages, today this model is eligible for many historical races like the Carrera Panamericana or the Patrick Peter 2 litre Cup.

It is equipped with a heated windscreen and the extremely rare Weber 46 IDA carburetor, a limited slip and a close-ratio gearbox with autoblock.


Fully inspected in our place this magnificent car will be delivered with its Porsche certificate, a blank technical control, Fia papers and an approved value expertise European tittle