Porsche 911 2.7 RS

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It is not so easy to see what has become one of the most iconic and sought-after 911, back on the market. This exemple of the iconic 911, which value is constantly increasing as its desirabilty amongst serious Porsche amateurs, is a very genuine one, with an indisputable pedigree. One of the first 500, with a lighter construction (0.08 mm thinner metalsheet) Having been delivered new in France in Feb 1973, the car was once the property of the well known Swiss Racing Specialist Haberthur, and used as a mule for the well known French Rallyeman, Francis Vincent. The car was laid quite long in the premises of a well known Paris Porsche Dealer,and changed hads only twice since 1987. A new paint was given in 1990. The car was exclusively serviced since by Meznarie a well known French “preparateur”. Comprehensive file of invoices. Independant Appraisal. Porsche certified. French Titles