Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Gr 4

911 Rosa Schwein

The original pink pig (Das Rosa Schwein) is one of the most well known 917. Designed by Anatole Lapine, the chief-designer of Porsche in 1971, this 917/20 has left its print in the Porsche Racing Saga. A good reason for a tribute with this piggy 911, recreated as a 3.0 SC Group 4. Huge time and money were invested in 2008 to build and develop a true racing car according to the Porsche Group 4 homologation sheet N° 3062 + extensions 2/1E and 04/03V GTS period I (77-81) The car is fitted with reinforced suspension arms, 917 brakes (front 304mm and rear 309 mm), big tank (110 L) and other racing fittings (roll cage, seats, riveted arches). The 2994 cc engine was tuned according to the 3.0 L homologation (simple ignition) and delivers 250 HP. 8/31 + autoblock Diff. Top Speed 247 km/h at 8000 t/mn. 950 kg. FIA Papers (F5980).

Prize list :  More than 40 podiums in 2009, 10, 11. Winner of French Geaoges Sevin Trophy in 2009. Winner of French ASAVE Chapionship in 2009.

The car will be available with all new engine and gearbox + a set of rain wheels. An excellent entry in major historical racing meetings.

Chassis 119 220853