Porsche 914-6 – Bare metal restoration, as new!

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Our magnificent Porsche 914-6 was born on January 1972 with the chassis number 9142430052. The car had a meticulous and complete bare metal restoration in our workshop in 2016. From its bare metal body, the rocker panels and the crossbar were changed, then the body was entirely treated and protected and finally repainted in its original color, the shiny Tangerine orange 2310. The black leather seats and carpets were rebuilt to new. The entire mechanical parts (engine, gearbox and running gear) also benefited from a long and expensive restoration. The car still has its period radio. It only drove 5 000 km since its restoration ended. With French papers, it will be delivered to its future owner with its appraisal value and its file of photos recounting the restoration work.

The Porsche 914 was introduced in September 1969 and is the collaboration projet from Porsche and Volkswagen. The entry level received a 4-cylinder 1.7 from the VW 411, while the upmarket 914, built in the Porsche factory of Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, was equipped with the flat-6 2.0 of 110 hp taken from the 911. The biggest commercial success of the 914-6 was in the United States. Built on a short period, the latest 914 with a 6-cylinder left the factory only two years later, at the end of 1972. Only around 3 500 914-6 were built.