Porsche 930 Turbo 3.0L

Sorry, too late !

When Porsche took the decision in 1974, after having raced the terrifying 917 Canam and also a 2.2 L RSR Turbo in Le Mans , to develop a Turbo engine for the 911 as a replacement to the 2.7 RS, not more than 500 cars were fcautiously orecast, in wiew of a racing homologation, as often with the Zuffenhausen AG . The immediate success of the newly called 930 was such that the initial plans had to be revised quite substantally. 2850 Turbo 3 L were finally assembled before leaving the floor to the 3.3 L.

But the 930 remains as a memorable beast, with its Turbo deprived of a useless (…) wastegate, surely with some lag to get used to, but also with its primitive and joyous brutality. Unnecessary to say that now that all Porsches will be turned into Turbo Porsche for the good of the planet earth, the very first one to be invented has to be seen as a remarkable collector. (I hate the word iconic, sorry)

This exceptional model was delivered new in Belgium in 77 and maintained in an extremely good condition by scrupulous owners. The car has kept the nice black carpets, it was equiped with, when delivered new. Its engine was changed early in its life. The car is also equiped with a quite rare electrical sunroof and of course is fully zinc coated a privilege for all 77 Turbos.

We sold this car for the first time in 2008 to its present owner with 97839 km. The car now shows 129600 km on its odometer. A comprehensive service and maintenance file will certify the very high originality of this fabulous machine.

Independant appraisal.