Rare Porsche 356 SC Togo Brown with Electric Sunroof, Matching

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Delivered new on November 12th 1964 in the Netherlands, registered GH-28-38, its owner was a Porsche enthusiast and used to attend Porsche events with it. Our 356 SC has a rare and wonderful original Togobrown 6411 color as well as an electric sunroof in period option, as attested by its Porsche certificate of authenticity. Our 356 with the chassis number 220134 has its engine type 1600 616/16 of 95 hp number 813243. It will be delivered to its new owner with an appraisal value and a complete service in our workshop.

Ultimate evolution of the 356, the Porsche 356 C was revealed in 1962 during the Frankfurt Motoshow. Esthetically similar to the 356 B T6, it only differs thanks to new rims with a smaller central crown, indicating the presence of disc brakes on the four wheels, an equipment taken from the Carrera 2. The 1600 SC replaces the 1600 Super 90. With 5 additional hp, a reinforced clutch and Koni shocks, the SC remains the last sports version of the Porsche 356 until the production stops in 1965, as the Carrera 2 was produced until 1964. The 356 SC is, more than ever, powerful and seductive, despite its 15 years of busy career!