Sensational Maserati Mistral 3700 Convertible 1965 « matching numbers »

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The Maserati Mistral 3700 Convertible is pretty rare as only 76 units have been built between 1964 and 1970. Presented at Geneva Motor Show 1974, the Mistral Convertible, as the coupe, as been designed by Pietro Frua. This design is told his most beautiful, and probably the finest of all Maserati history. The interior was very well garnished with leather almost everywhere, of course on seats but also on the dashboard and the door panels, showing the brand determination to make very luxurious Gran Turismo cars. Even though, The Mistral is a serious sport car, as the last Maserati to be equipped of the 6 in line engine declined from the 250F Formula 1 World Champion in 1957 with Fangio. This 3700 cc received two overhead camshafts, 2 sparkplugs by cylinder and a mechanical indirect injection, the first application ever in the Italian Sport Cars category. With a power of 245 horsepower, the Mistral can reach 250 km/h, well helped by the manual-5 gearbox from ZF.


This Maserati Mistral 3700 Convertible was delivered le 14thJune 1965 to Munich in Germany, with color Rosso Capannelle 20.R.27. The chassis number is AM109/S*085* and as factory option can be found Connolly leather seats color beige PAC 1544 and the original radio. Recently repainted, this Mistral presents an exceptional preservation and a very nice patina, it will receive a complete revision before the delivery. In addition are available the Maserati Certificate, made by Fabio Collina, Manager Maserati Classiche, the production order and the expedition card.


This exciting convertible is the combination of a great design, sumptuous equipment and an engine with formula 1 champion origin. All the ingredients to make you feel the Dolce vita hair in the wind!