Splendid 993 Turbo midnight blue, soft blue leather, 113000 KMS, notebook, expert opinion, Matching Numbers.

Produced until 1998 in 5978 units, the 993 Turbo is one of those cars you have to drive to understand. Once you’re behind the wheel, you realize what makes it so special: 4-wheel drive with limited slip, 408 hp and 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.

Efficient in all situations, it’s a pleasure to drive in all situations. In many ways, this car cultivates paradoxes. Demonstrative, with its imposing rear spoiler, it is nonetheless quiet in traffic, and only an experienced eye will notice it among the swarm of 911s on the road.

Lively and muscular in its acceleration when the twin turbos are engaged, hampered if need be by the most biting braking, it is gentle and docile in city use. Made for the track, it’s comfortable in town.

Delivered new in Germany, our splendid midnight Blue has covered 113,000km since new, 92 liters fuel tank, electric seats, speed control, full history, Carfax, invoices and logbook, fully serviced, appraised, clean MOT and 6-month warranty. French registration.

Options :

C00 Deutschland

058 Impact absorbers front and rear

139 Seat heating, left

337 Without transport protection
340 Seat heating, right

454 Automatic speed control

545 92-litre fuel tank

887 CD-radio Blaupunkt München RD 104

939 Pleated leather rear seats

982 Pleated leather front seats