Steyr-Puch 500D 1960

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The Steyr-Puch 500 D suicide door is a rare version of the legendary Italian Fiat 500, manufactured in Austria since the end of 1957 by the independent manufacturer Steyr-Puch under license Fiat Auto. Steyr-Puch used the structure of the Fiat 500 but with its own engine specially developed in-house. It is an air-cooled, boxer-type, 4-stroke, flat-twin, more sophisticated and more powerful than the Fiat engine. This more compact engine allows the rear seat to be moved back and to obtain a 4-seater homologation. Other mechanical elements developed by Steyr-Puch are adapted, such as the synchronized gearbox, more powerful brakes, better suspensions and wider wheels. In short it looks like the famous yoghurt pot but completely different all the details are redesigned and modified with Austrian sauce.

Our car chassis 512 0243 was delivered new in Vienna on May 6, 1960 to Dr Konrad Burg, it still has its original engine N ° 511 5832, I bought this jewel to restore in 1989.

She waited patiently for her turn until 2015, where it took 5 years of patience and more than 20,000 euros in invoices to complete this restoration carried out by an Italian specialist.

The little girl’s whole life is told in her original Austrian registration card, an icon for aficionados of the model.