Survivor and Exciting F 3 De Sanctis ABARTH 1969

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Gino and Lucio De Sanctis, father and son, were running a Fiat dealer shop in Roma in the 50s. When Lucio decided to compete in Formula Junior with his own design car, they decided to create the brand which holds their name. Offering really innovative features as coil and wishbone front suspension, swing-axle at the rear and a tubular space frame, the De Sanctis was the car to beat in 1959. Father and son have been working together until 1970, the last brand production year, when they had to close the workshop due to financial difficulties. Along more than 10 years, the De Sanctis won many races in Italy, driven by renowned pilots like GEKY (Giacomo Russo), Jonathan Williams, or Ignazio Giunti.


The F 3 De Sanctis presented here is from 1969, holding chassis type 85069, number 801, the four cylinders 843 cc engine from Abarth gets N°4146348 and the rims are from Cromodora. It is a good way to start competition in Classics with a smart budget. Within the few units built of these formula, many has been destroyed, abandoned or modified, only in Italy stand such treasures buried in sheds. This F 3 will be delivered with its HTP CSAI Nazionale card.


Eligible in historical F 3 races, to drive this De Sanctis is a jump back in the past, one of the only way to understand what heroes from the 60s could really feel.