Suzuki GT 750 « kettle », rare 1972 model, low mileage

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The innovative Suzuki GT 750 was presented at Tokyo Motor Show in 1971, it was the first Japanese motorbike using a liquid cooling system on a 2-stroke engine. That’s why it’s been surnamed “the kettle”, but finally this technical feature brought many advantages as robustness, silence of operation and a lower fuel and lubricant consumption. This motorbike was the perfect GT for long travel, comfortable, reliable and with enough torque thanks to its 3-cylinders engine of 67 horsepower associated with a 5-gearbox.


This very well preserved Suzuki GT 750 was delivered new in the United States in 1972 with chassis number GT750-21080 and engine number GT750-21120. It is a genuine and very rare first series with turquoise paint and easy recognizable with its front drum brake, it gets French registration and has been driven only 11027 miles (about 17750 km).


Today the GT 750 is an ultimate vintage motorbike able to bring you back to the seventies within its voluptuous blue exhaust gas.