Ferrari BB 512 GR 4 Competizione 1977

In 1977, to satisfy the demands of a clientele eager for competition, Ferrari entrusted one of its official subcontractors with the transformation of 4 BB512s at the famous Bacchelli e Villa bodyworks in Modena, with the specific aim of taking part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. These famous customers included :

Belgian importer Jacques Swaters (Ecurie Francorchamps), Charles Pozzi of Ferrari France and, of course, Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team.

Built to IMSA GT standards, the 512 BB Competizione was still clearly derived from the production car. The car was stripped to the bare minimum to reduce weight, using polyester components. A great deal of work went into the five-liter 12-cylinder flat-six engine fitted with four triple-body Webers, fed by external air intakes above the roof, Borgo forged pistons, weighted and balanced connecting rods, large valves, competition camshafts and reworked cylinder heads. This version developed almost 470 hp for a weight of 1,225 kg, braked by 4 large-diameter ventilated discs.

The Manselle experience was not a brilliant one, as the car lacked reliability and top speed, which justified the production of the more aerodynamically developed 512 BBLM, of which 25 examples were produced.

Our example, chassis 22083, was specially ordered in 1984 from the official Modena body shop Bacchelli e villa by a wealthy French enthusiast of the prancing horse marque, and the engine was also built by an official subcontractor of the Toni Franco factory. It’s an exact and perfect reproduction of the 1978 GR 4 Competizione, built by the same craftsmen as the original, with original parts and total conformity. The brand’s specialist books and registers all agree that this chassis number has been transformed into a vintage Group 4.

Our example, chassis 22083, will be a special order in 1984 from the Modena bodywork by a wealthy French enthusiast of the prancing horse brand, the engine will also be made by an official Toni Franco factory subcontractor, it is an exact and perfect reproduction of the 1978 GR4 Competizione which was made by the same craftsmen as the original with necessarily original parts and total conformity, should we speak of reproduction, cloning or new production? The brand’s specialized books and registers agree and note a transformation into period Group 4 for this chassis number.

History reminds us that 30 vehicles were also modified later by Bacchellie Villa but only with body kits, the invoices of the main actors of this transformation of the time are present in the file as well as a certificate of the bodywork

Bacchelli e Villa signed by Mr. Franco Bacchelli himself, it is noted a power on the bench of 472 hp on one of these supporting documents.

In 1987, Mr. Gaetano Tortora of Aix-en-Provence, the car’s owner, sold it to Mr. Tamisier, another collector from the south of France. Unfortunately, he didn’t enjoy it for very long, because while working on his new acquisition, he made a handling error with petrol and set fire to the entire rear section. A total and costly restoration was then undertaken, thanks to insurance cover, by the specialist Cavallino firm in Nice. All the invoices and expert reports relating to this operation are in the file.

In June 1989, the beauty was offered and sold by a Parisian auction house for the tidy sum of 2.6 Million Francs to a Parisian dealer for investment purposes, Enzo Ferrari had just died a few months earlier and the prices soared. price of models that feature the rampant Cavallino.

In 1998, the market having become calm and largely deflated again, brought the dealer into bankruptcy, his financial institutions recovered the car and waited for a better period to re-market it.

In 2004, rumors are circulating in Paris, two BB 512s are stored in a public car park, they are for sale, a bank owns them, one is yellow as new and the other is a competition model?

The happy owner will maintain the jewel and participate in some historic re-evocations at the wheel until 2023, the odometer incredibly displays only 4200 kilometers.

Its aggressive look and its voluntarily excessive forms, a masterpiece was born in the offices of Pininfarina, he commendatore wanted to find the

worthy heiress of the Daytona but with its engine in the rear central position, the shapes of the bodywork were so beautiful and so generous that the nickname of Brigitte Bardot was then given to it to disguise it as a BB Berlinetta Boxer for the public.

A great moment of selfish driving in an exceptional atmosphere at the wheel, 8000 rpm rev counter, roll bar, bucket seats, harness, competition tank, plexiglass windows, 9 and 13 inch rims and above all free exhaust all homologated on the road!! incomparable pleasure in a demonic sound.

Eligible for the main historic races Le Tour Auto, Le Mans classic, cento ore di Modena, Daytona Classics…

 Certificate of authenticity from Mr. Franco Bacchelli

 Books, invoices, period photos

 French registration,

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