Lancia 037 – Jean-Claude Andruet mule car official team Chardonnet – One of 200 series cars

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With the Group B, the FIA created in the early 80’s a new class of prototypes from a production of only 200 exemplars. To compete with the Audi Quattro and the Peugeot 205 T16, Lancia introduced the 037 in 1982 taking up the successful basis of the Stratos: a compact coupé with a rear-mid engine. But due to lack of time to develop an all-wheel drive the 037 was still a rear-will drive. The engine Lancia chose was from Fiat: a 2.0L 4 cylinders, equipped at Abarth (who housed the Fiat-Lancia competition department) with a high yield distribution and a volumetric compressor, so typical of the 037 as its rivals used turbos. The series version produced 205 hp. Despite its two driving wheels, the 037 led in Group B, giving Lancia a world title in 1983!

Lancia cars were sold in France by its independent importer, André Chardonnet. He set up a very successful competition department and one of his drivers was Jean-Claude Andruet, perhaps the most talented French rally-man of the period. 2 times France rally champion (1968 and 1970), Europe rally champion in 1970, winner of Tour de France Auto (72, 81, 82), Tour de Corse (68, 72, 74), Monte-Carlo 1973, lots of 24 Hours of Le Mans entrances with class victories, Andruet was a respected pilot and was at the wheel of a Alpine A110 and a Lancia Stratos before driving the 037 of the Chardonnet team, with which he also won lots of rallies in 1983 and 1984.

Andruet had, in addition to the competition 037 car with which he competed in the French championship, a mule for stages recognitions painted as the race car, but mechanically in accordance with the series version except some improvements made by Chardonnet at the period. This is precisely this car that we offer here. This 037 was especially used to open stages and for demonstrations. The car has the chassis number ZLA151AR0 00000109 and left the factory on July 29th 1983. It is officially listed in the 037 register as the Andruet mule and is part of the 200 series of 037s. Nowadays with 10 630 km on the clock, which is its original mileage, the car kept its racing livery: a blue and white Chardonnet paint, with its main sponsors from the period which were Pioneer and Total. The car was remarkably preserved and is in perfect running condition. On the other hand, the race car has been destroyed. Our 037 is an original and unavoidable piece in a collection of rally cars. It will be sold to its future owner with an appraisal value and its contrôle technique. French papers.